Casita Colorados U-12


Description- 2 bedroom/2 bathroom house located on the south end of Iguana beach, only about 75 yards back from the beach. Only a 2 minute walk to community beachfront pool and restaurant, 2 minute walk to Colorados beach break and 15 minute walk to Panga Drops. This casita has a/c in all rooms, Claro TV, wireless internet and a battery back up system that powers on in case of a power outage. There is a brand new great size pool, palpha and BBQ (Grill) outside.

Sleeping Arrangements- Can sleep up to 6 people with 1 queen bed in the master bedroom, 2 twin beds (can be pushed together) in the guest bedroom and an optional air-mattress.

Rates- (Includes cleaning every other day)

  • March-September: $170/night for 1-2 people, $200/night for 3-4 people and $215/night for 5-6 people
  • October- February: $150/night for 1-2 people, $180/night for 3-4 people and $195/night for 5-6 people
  • Holidays (Christmas, New Years and Easter): $270/night for 1-2 people, $300/night for 3-4 people and $315/night for 5-6 people, 5 nights minimum
  • Children 2 year & under stay for free
  • 7th night free during October to February and 10th night free during March to September (excluding Holiday Season)

Rates include 15% IVA (Nicaraguan Sales Tax).




Casita_U12_Twilight_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Twilight_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Exterior_Front_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Exterior_Front_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Kitchen_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Kitchen_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Dining_Area_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Dining_Area_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Living_Area_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Living_Area_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Bedroom_1_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Bedroom_1_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Bedroom_2_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Bedroom_2_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Bathroom_1_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Bathroom_1_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Bathroom_2_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Bathroom_2_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Bathroom_Comb_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Bathroom_Comb_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Exterior_Back_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Exterior_Back_Dec_17_2016_CC Casita_U12_Sandy_Toez_Dec_17_2016_CCCasita_U12_Sandy_Toez_Dec_17_2016_CC