Villa Colorados


4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, Sleeps 8  ~  $400 avg/night

Villa Colorados is a beautiful four bedroom spread with a huge living area and kitchen that all wraps around the courtyard and pool with indoor and outdoor living. It was designed from our family to yours and from one surfer to another. For down time at the house, there is a top of the line ping pong table and foosball table! Villa Colorados is situated just steps away Nicaragua's best beach break, Colorados. 

Each room opens to the outdoor living area which includes hammocks, lounge chairs, rocking chairs, ping pong table, foosball table and outdoor bar. The courtyard is designed for fun, entertainment and relaxation, easily accessible from all rooms . The house is furnished with custom-made wood furniture from local Nicaraguan craftsman. Each room and living room has their own AC unit, fan and WiFi. Each bathroom has a unique tile pattern. 

The open and spacious living room, dining room and kitchen provides a nice area to relax. There are 18-foot slider doors that open to the pool and courtyard area and the backyard river view. The fully equipped kitchen has an island and large pantry. The kitchen windows open to the outside bar, to make entertainment fun and easy in the courtyard and pool area.





Villa Colorados_Twlight_Pool_Shot_CCVilla Colorados_Twlight_Pool_Shot_CC Villa Colorados_Main_Living_Area_CCVilla Colorados_Main_Living_Area_CC Villa Colorados_Kitchen_Dining_CCVilla Colorados_Kitchen_Dining_CC Villa Colorados_Front_Bedroom_CCVilla Colorados_Front_Bedroom_CC Villa Colorados_Bedroom_Bath_1_CCVilla Colorados_Bedroom_Bath_1_CC Villa Colorados_Bedroom_2_CCVilla Colorados_Bedroom_2_CC Villa Colorados_Bedroom_3_CCVilla Colorados_Bedroom_3_CC Villa Colorados_Master_Bedroom_CCVilla Colorados_Master_Bedroom_CC Villa Colorados_Master_Bathroom_CCVilla Colorados_Master_Bathroom_CC Villa Colorados_Pool_Patio_CCVilla Colorados_Pool_Patio_CC 99baf73d-89c0-4f5a-9a3a-97934b6501d4.1.1099baf73d-89c0-4f5a-9a3a-97934b6501d4.1.10 34c80a31-a5e7-4fe9-99ed-456fc0d45843.1.1034c80a31-a5e7-4fe9-99ed-456fc0d45843.1.10 7635a6d0-b891-47c7-9241-a20113a3fe53.1.107635a6d0-b891-47c7-9241-a20113a3fe53.1.10 5fd9c17c-ad65-43eb-846e-6b6d45d6b16a.1.105fd9c17c-ad65-43eb-846e-6b6d45d6b16a.1.10 9b637e93-86a5-448d-b2fb-b24ddf35aa1e.1.109b637e93-86a5-448d-b2fb-b24ddf35aa1e.1.10 d84e728b-67f0-45df-983c-cae62d5e32af.1.10d84e728b-67f0-45df-983c-cae62d5e32af.1.10 95761ac2-13f2-48ac-9feb-61fdfd706d62.1.1095761ac2-13f2-48ac-9feb-61fdfd706d62.1.10 fe65aac2-41f8-411f-a645-e6b23a76e3e1.1.10fe65aac2-41f8-411f-a645-e6b23a76e3e1.1.10 f29d25e6-c207-4115-8514-ac17f6c1d64b.1.10f29d25e6-c207-4115-8514-ac17f6c1d64b.1.10 eb19eda1-c061-4549-a2cc-3d12911ff699.1.10eb19eda1-c061-4549-a2cc-3d12911ff699.1.10