Villa Iguanas A8


Property Tye: Condo
Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 2/2
Occupancy: Up to 4
Distance to Beach: Beachfront
Surf Breaks: Colorado/Panga Drops/Los Perros

$250/night December 24-January 2 and Easter Week

Booking Policy:  
50% of the rental rate is required to confirm a reservation.  The rental balance is due 30 days prior to arrival, along with airport transportation and meal plan payment if booking either or both of these services. Full payment is due at time of booking if booking is being made 30 days or fewer before check in.

Cancellation Policy:  
60+ days cancellation notice - full refund
 less 3.5 transaction fee
30-59 days cancellation notice - cancellation fee 50% of rental rate

Less than 30 days notice - no refund

Villas Iguana A-8 is located in the heart of the wave-rich Tola region. This 2 bedroom 2 bath condo unit is located at the north end of Playa Colorado with a river and Los Perros point to the north and two quality waves a short walk to the south (Panga Drops and Colorado beach break). The condo is located on the 2nd floor with a balcony overlooking the ocean.  It is equipped with a king bed in the master bedroom and two single beds in the guest bedroom. The condo is also equipped with AC in the bedrooms and living area, Apple TV, wifi and a safe for your valuables. Cleaning service is included in the rental and we offer an optional meal plan service!

This property is located a 2-2.5 hours drive from the airport. Most of the major vehicle rental agencies have locations at the Managua airport (we recommend you make a reservation in advance). If renting a vehicle, we feel its only necessary to have a 4wd if you plan to travel to some of the beaches further south (in the San Juan del Sur area). If you prefer not to rent a car, we can arrange airport transportation and daily sightseeing/surf trips. We have motorcycle and scooter rentals available and we can also arrange vehicle and boat transport to other surf breaks in the area.  There is also the option of renting a vehicle from Avis, which is located within a half mile of the Hacienda Iguana entrance.

The best place to stop for groceries is La Colonia or La Union supermarket in Granada or Maxi Pali in Rivas. Its best to stock up on your way from the airport to the house. We HIGHLY recommend stocking up on all or as many of the groceries you will need for your entire stay OR if you don’t want to deal with planning, shopping, and preparing meals ask us about booking the meal plan, our full service catering option.

There are several great food options within the Hacienda Iguana development.  In the commercial zone of the development you will find Don Eloys, which is a sports bar/restaurant open nightly for dinner.  Scoops and Spokes serves up some amazing homemade ice cream, baked goods, paninis, fresh juices and smoothies.  Vana Tacos  offers delicious tacos in speedy time (made with all fresh ingredients). Casa Maderas is located just past the golf condos and offers authentic Nicaragua cuisine at a fair price. Pili’s Cafe in front of the Playa Colorado break is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers a variety of fresh foods, juices, smoothies and full bar.

Other restaurants in the general area (outside the Hacienda Iguana development) that are worth checking out are La Scala brick oven pizza (located in Limon 2), Mag Rock (located in Popoyo), Hostal San Gigante (located in Gigante), Yolanda’s (located in Limon) and Rancho Santana in the Limon area.





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