Villa Iguanas A11


Rates - $120 per Night

Villas A11 a 950 sq. ft., 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo with custom made furniture. The condo is a 2nd floor unit that over looks the pool as well as Los Perros point. Villas A11 has a fully equipped kitchen, a/c units in both the bedroom and living area, Claro TV, DVD player, wifi internet and a battery back up system that automatically powers on in case of a power outage. This condo is most comfortable for 2-4 people with a king bed in the master bedroom, a queen futon in the living room and a queen inflatable mattress. Villas A11 is located just about 70 yards north of Panga Drops surf break. Panga Drops is an consistent break that breaks on a horse-shoe shaped rock reef. This wave generally has a mellow take off and a more vertical and playful inside section. This break can be good for long boarders or short boarders. Panga Drops amplifies swells and is usually bigger but more forgiving than Colorados. At the very north end of the beach (70 yards north of the condo) there is a point break, Los Perros Point, that needs a good swell with the right direction to break, but with the perfect combination it can provide very fun rights. The world class wave, Colorados is just a 15 minute walk south of the condo. Colorados is a fast, barreling beach break with many peaks and A frames. It is a challenging break and best for intermediate to expert surfers.





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